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Quote1.png Mother, I have learned of the enemy who seeks purge the Earth -- of ghastly devices that wreak nothing but bloodshed. Honeycombs that fire wasps of metal, stone chests that launch tongues of flame -- huge tortoises that crush entire forests in their passing, and a tyrant with a symbol -- red and black, like a nest of thorns. This is war as the Earth has never known, and what are the Amazons, but its greatest warriors? Quote2.png
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Princess Diana is the Wonder Woman, an Amazons who fights for the allies in World War II.

Year One (1940)

Princess Diana and her fellow Amazons attack a raid of German and American aircraft that are violently fighting over their island of Themyscira. Of all the bodies that wash up on shore, SGT Stephen Trevor is the only one alive. After hearing his story of the war going on outside the Amazonian boarders, Diana offers to travel to the outside world with Steve Trevor and help his people vanquish the evil forces. But her mother refuses her offer and sentences Steve Trevor to die.

With the help of her best friend, Princess Mera of Atlantis, Diana broke Steve Trevor out of his prison cell and together, the three of them headed for Europe.

They are soon attacked by a Nazi squadron, in Greece, and Diana and Mera have their first taste of WWII. But Steve Trevor recognizes one of the soldiers as General Samson Lane and it is revealed that squadron are actually allied forces in disguise. General Lane calls Commander Amanda Waller in inform her that they have just found some possible new recruits for her Bombshells Project.

Waller sends Mera off to assist the Navy and Diana stays to assist the squadron. The men begin using Diana as a symbol of victory, naming her Wonder Woman. However, when she objects to the execution of Nazi prisoners, General Lane has her thrown into prison. But Diana easily breaks out and she and Steve Trevor go on the run.

As they travel through the countryside, they eventually come across an army of Tenebrae, lead by Baroness Paula von Gunther. After a vicious battle between the Tenebrae and rest of the Allied Forces, the Baroness escapes and Wonder Woman rides off on her winged creature with Steve Trevor at her side.

They soon arrive in London as the Battle of Britain begins. Wonder Woman joins up with Amanda Waller and the rest of the Bombshells as they take down Baroness von Gunther and the Tenebrae army.

Year Two (1941)

After the battle, Wonder Woman travels to the Island of Cocytus, with Steve Trevor and Supergirl (Kara Starikov), in the hopes of helping Supergirl deal with the sacrifice of her sister, Stargirl (Kortni Duginovna). After Supergirl has seemed to come to terms with the loss, Wonder Woman sends her back to Russia with Steve Trevor as her guide.

No sooner have they gone when Wonder Woman discovers a piece of Kryptonite in the sand and receives a surprise visit from a gentleman named Alexander Luthor. He warns her that a new enemy is coming. Not from another country, but, this time, the sky. He sends Wonder Woman to the country of Zambesi, where several of her Bombshell friends are under attack by Baroness von Gunther and a new form of weaponry. But before she leaves, Luthor warns her not to trust the one called Batwoman.

Wonder Woman lands in the country of Zambesi and offers her assistance to Queen Mari, against the Baroness. After the battle is won, Wonder Woman ties up the Baroness and plans to bring her back to Europe with her.

Year Four (1943)

Wonder Woman is called upon by Donna Troy and Cassie Sandsmark, to America, to assist in putting a stop to the internment of Japanese-American citizens. She is soon confronted by Clayface, a military soldier who believes that by siding with the Japanese-American's Wonder Woman has betrayed the people that she swore to protect. In a final strike, Wonder Woman is swallowed up by Clayface. Donna Troy, Cassie Sandsmark, and the rest of their little unit take up Wonder Woman's weaponry and dub themselves the Wonder Girls, fighting in honor of her name.

After the Mud Men are defeated, Donna Troy mourns over a memorial of Wonder Woman. A tear falls onto the statue and the monument comes to life as Wonder Woman reborn.

Year Six (1945)

Wonder Woman returns to help resist the invasion of Apokolips by assisting the Wonder Girls in Australia. After Steve Trevor is killed by Parallax, Wonder Woman takes time to carry his body off and grieve for his loss.


Wonder Woman now walks the world as a nomad, coming to the rescue wherever she is needed.





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