Wonder Woman, called Wondy by her friends is daughter of Queen Hippolyta and Zeus. Diana was born on Paradise Island, an ideal island home for female warriors. Wonder Woman was a natural leader and from an early age made it her mission to make the world a better place. She decided to come to Metropolis for training at Super Hero High.

Despite being one of the most powerful heroes in the world, Diana is more than a bit self-conscious. She doesn't enjoy when her mother parades her trophies in front of her friends, loath to be seen as an overachiever, and feels a bit ouf of place in the Man's World.[2] Nonetheless, she doesn't get along with the divine side of her heritage at all.[3]

Once Supergirl gets enrolled in the school and Barbara Gordon takes up the Batgirl identity, Diana develops a close bond with them. At one occassion, where the trio of heroines had to put Ares down, Diana mentioned she never knew what having a sister was like, and Barbara replied now she knows.[4]




  • Lasso of Truth: If Wonder Woman catches you inside her lasso of truth you'll be compelled to tell the truth.
  • Bulletproof Bracelets: A matter of style and usefulness, Wondy's bracelets defect bullets.
  • Wonder Woman's Shield: Made of Themysciran ore with additions from Batgirl, Wonder Woman's shield gives her the power she needs to fight villains.


  • Wonder Woman is known as the Leader because of her courageous, competent and competitive nature.


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