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Wonder Woman is Diana of Themyscira, Princess of Amazons. Born on Paradise Island, she is a (Valedictorian) student at Metropolis High School, where she feels awkwardly out of place.


Being born on the island of Themyscira, Diana (since created from clay) was trained to be a warrior princess, from Combat training to knowledge training. as shown in "Sirens Conch" and "Awesome Aunt Antiope", Diana had to train to be perfect, with little fun she could have, even playing with her Aunt. Explained in "Sweet Justice", Diana competed in the tournament of Athena and Aphrodite (Against her mother's orders) and won and headed out to preform her destiny of saving the world of Man. It also revealed in "Crushing It" she encountered the first boy she meets upon arriving in Metropolis, a boy name Steve Trevor who she developed a crush on.

Joining The Super Hero Girls

After a fight with a fellow student, Diana discovered there were more heroines attending her school. Diana and her five new friends founded a super-team that she became leader from.


Diana is an Amazon, bestowed with formidable physical abilities which put her on par with any hero.




  • Shield
  • Sword

  • As a teen, Diana is a "Valedictorian. Intelligent. Honest. Perfect (as well as awkward fish-out-of-water)". As a hero, Wonder Woman is a "Crusader. Courageous. Disciplined. Skilled. Honorable."



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