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Wonder Woman is a superhero and a member of the Justice League of America. She became one of the Anti-Living.


Diana in action against Darkseid in his initial invasion of Earth alongside Batman, Green Arrow and others.

Diana Prince is first seen during Darkseid's initial invasion of Earth, where after a week of fighting legions of parademons, deites and the embodiment of evil himself, with the combined might of the task force that was the JL, she managed to latch her Lasso of Truth around Darkseid's neck and hold him down and proceeded to demand that he cease his immediate invasion at once for the lasso compelled him so. Unphased by her meek attempt at overpowering him, Darkseid bluntly removed the lasso from around his neck and declared that he would not return to Earth by his own volition and not because of the power of Wonder Woman, for what he required for his grand plan he already acquired during said invasion. After said statement, Diana along with the others watched in horror as Darkseid up and left in a boom tube.

When the dust settled the League was left to ponder as to what exactly Darkseid stole, but Batman explained that it was not a what, but a who, and that Cyborg. When Batman was questioned by the League of the methods he used in coming to said conclusion, Diana tried to keep a level head and not be outraged by the tracking device that he implanted in Cy, she questioned how Batman knew the walking apocalyptian tech super genius wasn't on Earth anymore, to which Bat's responded that his tracker had a 2 light year reach and he wasn't receiving any signal and so he came to the conclusion that Cyborg wasn't in their Solar System anymore.







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