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Wonder Woman was an Amazonian hero, who fell into a trap laid by Barbatos. She was trapped in his control, and transformed into a massive, Gorgon-like monster called The Hydra Diana, Queen of Snakes and Stone.

Wonder Woman and the Justice League stood against Barbatos's invasion of the multiverse. However, when they attempted to don armor made of Element X to battle him, they found it corrupted. The armor enslaved the heroes to Barbatos, with Wonder Woman becoming a titanic, serpentine monster called the "Hydra Diana", with a gaze that transforms being into stone.

For two years, these Dragons of the Bat waged war on what was now called "Earth-Metal", until the returning Duke Thomas, now called the "Last Monitor", rallied the remaining heroes of Earth-Metal to stand against the Dragons. The Hydra Diana was battled by the Detective Chimp-Red Tornado cyborg, who used Diana's own Lasso of Truth to turn her stone gaze against her. Before they could be transformed to stone as well, they self-destructed, taking the partially-stone Hydra Diana with them.




  • While Diana's eyes were naturally blue, and her hair black, after her transformation her eyes became red and her hair was replaced with snakes.



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