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Quote1.png Your will is strong, princess of clay, I give you that. But your weakness is the very thing you tout as your strength—love! Quote2.png
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Diana of Themyscira was Wonder Woman, an Amazonian superhero that was destined to become the host of the evil deity Hecate and destroy humanity.

After the War of the Gods, Wonder Woman was corrupted by the magic goddess Hecate into becoming her new host. Under Hecate's control she declared war on both the Gods of Olympus and humanity's new gods: superheroes.

Diana was eventually defeated by Earth's magic users, but remained under Hecate's control, imprisoned under Themyscira.



  • Indomitable Will: Despite her supposed destiny as a host of Hecate, Diana managed to shake off her control for quite some time, until Hecate orchestrated the death of her loved ones.
  • Leadership
  • Weaponry


  • While Diana's eyes are naturally blue, they turned red under the effects of Hecate's possession.
  • She represents Diana's fear that her will is not as strong as she thinks it is



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