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Wonder Woman was the staunchest ally of Superman.

Created from the clay of Paradise Island, she was raised as a princess. After competing for the privileged she became Wonder Woman. As such, she was sent to Patriarch's World to serve as an ambassador on a mission of peace. Diana became the hero known as Wonder Woman. She was an active hero and a good example for the people of the world. She actively served along with Superman and Batman in the Justice League. But, after Superman retired and the world became more violent, she, in turn, became more violent and bitter. As she lost her moral center, the Amazons decided that she had failed and stripped her of the role of ambassador. She was also stripped of her royal rank of Princess and exiled from Paradise Island. After this, she continued to work as an adventurer.

She continued to visit Superman while he lived in seclusion in the Fortress of Solitude. It was Wonder Woman who brought Superman the news of the Kansas disaster and convinced him to return to the outside world. She was recruited by Superman for his 'Justice League' working as his second in command. She worked with Superman to rebuild the Justice League and oversaw many of the organization's operations in the field. While she proved a very effective warrior she was also bloodthirsty and brutal taking harsh measures against enemies. Her approach concerned Superman who wanted a gentler approach.

Soon the Gulag was built to contain the enemies the League caught. Just as quickly, the inmates revolted and a war broke out on the grounds of the prison. The human government of the United Nations proceeded to drop a nuclear bomb, and she fought in Kansas, where she was saved from the United Nations strike by Green Lanterns Alan Scott and Jade. After this, she was one of the metahumans who proceeded to petition the U.N. for membership of a metahuman state. Her royal rank was returned to her as well. She and Superman proceeded to begin a romantic relationship and eventually married having five children. She also repaired her friendship with Bruce Wayne. With them, she will attend Batman's funeral in twenty years. She will remain with Superman for the rest of her natural life.


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Prior to her Earth's destruction by nuclear holocaust, she and Metropolis are taken to Convergence by Brainiac and Telos and she loses her powers for a year. When the dome went down, she took her Justice League and fought against Ted Kord and the Justice League International.[1] She and her league defeat the JLI and decided not to kill them.[2] She and her league ally with Deimos to save their earth.[3] But betray him since he decided to destroy the Multiverse anyway.[4]






  • According to character supplement in Kingdom Come / Revelations Alex Ross stated that he didn't do as much with designing Wonder Woman in comparison to the other Kingdom Come characters, aside from transforming the classic star-spangled trunks to a loincloth fashion more akin to the Greek costuming worn by the Amazons. Furthermore, Ross was aiming to do a version of her for years, with intention being to enhance her heroic appeal for a modern audience.



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