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Wonder Woman and her Amazons were long time allies of the Soviet Superman.

Diana is the daughter of Queen Hippolyta and the princess of Themyscira. She became an acquaintance of Superman when Joseph Stalin tried to convince her mother for an alliance with his nation. She enjoyed her time with him when they first met and commented how both were potential heirs on whom great expectations were placed upon. Stalin suggests a political marriage with her to Superman who stated that he'll choose his own wife.[1]

She later became dedicated to communism and left her home, adopting the moniker of Wonder Woman while assissting Superman, now the President of USSR, in fighting for equality in the world as well as becoming his only friend he could talk to whenver he wanted. She also developed an attraction for him of which he was unaware of. She was incapicated by Batman with her own Lasso of Truth. He later took her to Siberia in order to use her to trap Superman.[2]

After baiting Superman by re-arranging the fireworks' pattern to display his bat symbol, he made Diana talk so Superman could track their location down. He then activated red solar lamps to nullify his powers before proceeding to beat him up. After defeating him, he imprisoned him in a former detention camp permanently which made Wonder Woman horrified. Kal-El persuaded her to break the lasso tying her and disable the generator powering the lamps, this however turned her into an old woman. This experience led her to develop a deep-seated hatred for him while her life became monotonous and she needed to be looked after for by others.[2]

Diana became queen of Themyscira sometime later. Despite her hatred of President Lex Luthor, she agreed to help the United States in taking down Superman upon Lois Lane's persuasion. When Hal Jordan and a group of marines cloaked in armored made by his Green Lantern Ring failed to stop Superman, Diana led the Amazons in attacking him. She was injured by his heat vision, but still managed to hold him off before being relieved by the United States military.[3]

Interaction with other universes

When their world was visited by Challengers from Beyond of New Earth, she incapicated Donna Troy and interrogated her using her lasso. The Atom stole her lasso which Batman used to incapicitate her and make her reveal Donna's location so the Challegners could free her. After Diana tried to break the lasso, Donna rushed to stop her as it was bound to her life force but was unsuccesful. Diana was forced to spend rest of her life being unable to walk.[4] A version of her before breaking the lasso is present during the battle against the forces of Empty Hand invading the multiverse.[5]


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This section of the history takes place during Convergence, a massive crossover event revisiting characters from past eras and realities. The villains Brainiac and Telos plucked them from their own timeline and stored them together, causing them to cross over into each others' reality. Its precise chronological placement and canonicity may be unclear.

Moscow of Earth-30 was plucked by Braniac and Telos, along with other inhabitants of its world including her during the time before she broke her Lasso of Truth, and placed inside a dome which negated any superpowers with her being powerless for a year. During a meeting with Lex Luthor, Superman and Joseph Stalin, she stated that they were being encased in a zoo-like dome by someone to which the others agreed. When Telos announced that the superheroes will need to battle to ensure the survival of their cities, she regained her powers as the domes fell.[6]

Luthor designed an invisble jet which she flew when while attacking Power Girl of Earth-Two who came near Moscow. Power Girl destroyed her plane and Diana fought her physically in a duel that exhausted both of them. They were stopped by Superman of Earth-Two who criticized Diana, stating that the Wonder Woman he knew always fought for what was right and persuaded both to act like heroes by fighting those imprisoning them instead of each other. The three then stopped Lex from nuking Metropolis of Earth-Two and also destroyed his G.I. Robots. Diana then promised the two to retaliate against the Soviet forces in case they attack their city.[7]




  • Lasso of Truth: The lasso of truth is bound to her life force. Breaking it will thus cause her to be considerably aged and weakened.
  • Old Age: Diana was considerably weakened after breaking her Lasso of Truth and had to be taken care of by others.




  • Spear



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