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Diana was an Amazon who became the superhero known as Wonder Woman.

In the original timeline, she worked with Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Captain Atom, and Cyborg to stop the Reverse Flash from blowing up the Flash Museum through bombs implanted on the members of the Flash's Rogues Gallery by the Reverse Flash. Wonder Woman used Captain Cold's freeze gun to freeze the bomb attached to his belt and to toss it high into the air where it detonated safely away from any humans.

In the alternate timeline created by Barry Allen (Flash), Diana became queen of the Amazons rather than becoming a superhero and joining the Justice League. She and Aquaman formed an alliance between the Atlanteans and the Amazons, which led into an affair. Aquaman's wife Mera found out about the affair and nearly assassinated the Amazon queen. Diana killed Mera in self-defense and took her crown as a warning against those who dare try to kill her.

With the death of Mera, Aquaman declared war on the Amazons, leading to the sinking of western Europe and the Amazons taking over the United Kingdom, annexing it as New Themyscira. After capturing, interrogating and killing Col. Steve Trevor, Diana found out Lois Lane was in New Themyscira working as a spy for Cyborg.

Once the Atlantean invasion force arrived on New Themyscira, the Amazons engaged the sea dwellers and Diana herself battled Aquaman. While in an intense battle with the Atlantean king, Diana was sent flying into a nearby room where she encountered the Shazam kids and battled Captain Thunder whom she battled briefly before detaining him in her lasso.

Forcing Thunder to revert back into the Shazam kids, Diana brutally murdered them thereafter. Gaining the element of surprise after Aquaman found his brother Ocean Master dead, Diana ran Aquaman through with her sword and swore that every Atlantean man would be slaughtered and every Atlantean daughter would be enslaved boasting to do so for the good of all. Before Aquaman died, he activated his doomsday device by remote. Diana remorsefully held the body of the dead Atlantean king as the blastwave from the device approached, however either she died because of the explosion or ceased to exist because of Flash's restoration of the timeline, remains unknown. And more his crime against humanity are erased, after restoration of the timeline by Flash.





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