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Diana, Queen of Themyscira, is the monarch of the Amazons. She is locked in a bitter war in Europe with Emperor Aquaman's Atlantean forces.


This war started with her mother's death on their political wedding, apparently at the hands of the Atlantean Garth. What neither monarch knew was that the conflict was carefully manufactured by Penthesilea and Orm.

Wonder Woman rules New Themyscira, the former United Kingdom, with the aid of her Female Furies.


Diana was taken to Convergence by Convergence with Gotham by Brainiac and Telos and is trapped for a year without her powers. After regaining her powers, she leads an army of Amazons to attack New Earth Gotham. She confronts Wally West, his kids and Fastback.[1]

The Button

As the war went on Aquaman and Wonder Woman forged an alliance to take down a mutual enemy- Batman. As both Monarchs send their troops to Batman's lair the World is erased killing every single inhabitant.[2]







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