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Diana of Themyscira is the original Wonder Woman, and one of the last heroes at the end of time.

Wonder Woman was once one of Earth's greatest heroes, and a member of the Justice League until the group collapsed.[2] In the shadow of a undefined war that involved Themyscira, Diana took over as leader of the island nation, and separated it from man's world once more.[3] In her time away, several other Amazons adopted her title, including Yara Flor and Nubia.

An unimaginably long time later, at the end of everything, Diana and the Amazons had control of all that remained of Earth. They, alongside Superman and Swamp Thing, bore witness to a great Undoing of the universe, and engaged in battle against the ancient evil Darkseid one final time.[4]

Darkseid killed the Amazons and Swamp Thing, and was defeated only when Superman sacrificed himself and the sun to kill him. Now alone, Wonder Woman wandered the nearly empty universe for centuries. She eventually stumbled across Brainiac's Skull Ship, where she met The Spectre. The Spectre told Diana they were all that remained, and that he wished to die.

Diana allowed the Spectre to finally end his existence and prepared for a final battle against the Undoing. She was overwhelmed and resigned herself to death, however, a mysterious energy began to radiate from the Bracelets of Submission. Diana struck the bracelets together, creating a new Big Bang and universe.[5]






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