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Diana of Themyscira is the former Wonder Woman. She is a superhero as well as a leader of a large band of survivors in Batman: Last Knight on Earth, being a supporting character in the story.

Diana was the princess of Themyscira, until Omega laid waste to Earth and also slaughtered her fellow Amazons. She was a member of the Justice League and built a communal chapel in the Hall of Justice where people could renew their faith no matter what religion they belonged to. After the world started going into chaos with global warming and exhaustion of energy resources, Lex Luthor challenged Superman to a debate of good versus evil, the stakes being that the loser will be impaled by Kryptonite shards. Superman won, but Luthor's words were able to convince the people to take everything for themselves.

She witnessed Superman sacrifice himself to save Luthor from being impaled. The public then started attacking and killing the superheroes, while also turning on the supervillains. The League met at the Hall of Justice to figure out a final option of solving the crisis, but Batman chose to open the doors of the hall to the agitated mob and let them choose for themselves. All they did however was start tearing everything and everyone apart. The experience left her deeply traumatized.

As the world fell into chaos, she stopped using the alias of Wonder Woman. A mysterious entity named Omega later arose in Gotham City and laid waste to most of the planet, while acquiring control of the Anti-Life Equation. The heroes banded together with the remaining supervillains but failed, leading to Omega's victory and his conquest of the eastern seaboard of the United States. She let Alfred take a cloning machine into the desert to recreate Bruce, presumed to have been killed by the mob at the Hall of Justice, out of mercy and kept his Batsuit in case any clone needed it.

At some point of time, she was also partially disfigured due to battle scars. She led a large band of survivors consisting of 100,000 people and formed a warrior group called the "New Amazons", consisting of the remaining female metahumans - Supergirl, Vixen, Poison Ivy and Wonder Girl. They hid in the lowest depths of Gemworld and she tried to convince other surface survivors to come to their sanctuary, but they refused as the superheroes had failed them in the past.

Diana also knew that Luthor was hiding in the Plains of Solitude with his batch of Superman clones while trying to find a way to bring the Kryptonian Rocket with the baby Kal-El from other universes and timelines into their world in order to combat Omega. She also eventually convinced Hades to let the survivors hide in a realm of the Underworld that was illuminated. After the New Amazons found and brought a clone of Bruce to Gemworld, she had him released and informed him how the world fell apart.

She asked Bruce to come with them while giving him the Batsuit, but he tried to convince her to fight back, though she refused stating it was of no use. She also stated that the rumours of Superman being alive in the Plains of Solitude were a lie, though not informing of the full extent of the truth about Luthor. When she came the next morning to discuss plans for their migration, she found that he had fled and said goodbye to him.

Diana however changed her mind and tracked Bruce down, knowing he would have gone to the Plains of Solitude. There, she saved him by slaughtering a Superman clone before he could kill him. Lex allowed the two to escape through a portal, before sacrificing himself by making the clones drugged by Scarecrow attack him instead as they had a connection with him. She refused to forgive Lex, but promised others will hear about his sacrifice. Diana and Bruce found themselves standing on the cloak of Spectre, who had died during a destructive war between heaven and hell.

She led Bruce through the cloak and into the Limbo, as her Lasso of Truth allowed her to see her surroundings inside it and was experienced to the torment one would encounter there, warning Bruce that it's best for him to not use the Lasso as he would start seeing and hearing those who he feels died due to him. When he started going through an identity crisis, she was able to convince him to not abandon hope, stating she followed him because he had let the people make their own choice in the past despite the consequences.

The two went to Metropolis first in order to search the Daily Planet building, but had to flee due to parasite dogs. They later travelled to Washington, D.C., part of the new and larger Gotham built by Omega. There, they were confronted by The Talons of the Court of Owls, who had turned into a resistance group against Omega's regime. They were shocked to discover that their leader was Dick Grayson.

The two were then taken to the Batcave where their allies were hiding, staying out of Omega's signal due to the late Tim Drake's blocker. They initially thought that Omega may be another Bruce clone like him as only his DNA could open the Wayne Tower. Learning that Omega planned to make the signal stronger and unblockable using an amplifier on Arkham Island, Bruce convinced them to fight back. They travelled to a black-market warehouse of Selina Kyle who decided to help them, being tired of Omega's constant scheming against others. Selina also gave back her original lasso.[1]

Bruce travelled to the Wayne Tower along with Joker, who was using Robin's robot suit that responded to the user's thoughts. Diana, Duke Thomas, Dick, Barbara and Bryce Grayson were meanwhile sent to deal with the amplifier at Arkham Island. They walked past Omega's guards using Mad Hatter's final invention: a neuro-wave broadcaster that makes others see visual threats as harmless.[1]

To their shock, they found that Omega was using Martian Manhunter as the amplifier. As she pleaded for him to break free of Omega's control, she was trapped alone in the room and attacked by him. The others were unable to rescue her as they were being attacked by those under Omega's control. Being grievously injured, she decided to kill Martian Manhunter before when he started amplifying Omega's control signal. After Bruce killed Omega, everyone was broken free of his control and she fell unconscious from her injuries.[1]

She formed a new team of heroes alongside Bruce, the surviving members of Batman Family and the New Amazons after recovering. She was also present when Bruce decided to bring a baby Kal-El into their world and raise him up to be a hero, being delighted along with the Joker upon beholding the baby.[1]




  • Lasso of Truth: Her lasso of truth is the duplicate of the original and allows her to reveal the truth inside the hearts of people. It also allows her to see in the realms of the dead like the Limbo. She later retrieved her original lasso in Gotham.
  • Bracelets of Submission
  • Helmet of Fate: The helmet formerly belonged to the late Doctor Fate. Since the world was ruined, magic has ceased to exist and the helmet serves only as a protection against physical attacks.
  • The Universal Answer: A portable computer designed by The Riddler to crack any password or digital code in the world.


  • Wonder Woman's Tiara
  • Magical Sword: Diana's sword is able cut through some of the most toughest substances. She was easily able to slice apart a Superman clone with it.



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