Quote1.png It's the same thing every invader wants: to crush her enemies, see them driven before her, and to hear the lamentations of their men. Quote2.png
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Diana is Wonder Woman, warrior princess of the Amazons and member of the Justice League.

When the skies turned red and legions of shadow demons invaded the world, Wonder Woman traveled to Olympus, seeking divine counsel. She found the gods had fled and the place had been overrun by mythological monsters. She triumphed over all of them after a long battle, but the wings of her magical armor had been broken. With no way to return to her dimension, Diana was apparently stuck in the Olympus. However Lily turned up and got her out of there.

Back on her dimension, Diana confirmed that the same thing had happened to the rest of the League. All of them fell into the trap of an enemy who knew their weaknesses but were helped out by Maxwell and Lily, two newcomers of other dimension whose abilities their mysterious enemy wasn't prepared for.

Diana remained in the Watchtower as the reamining Leaguers headed to Rann to save the planet of the Yellow and Red Lanterns. Several shadow demons tried to take advantage of it, taking over Steve Tevor's body to infiltrate the Watchtower and attack Wonder Woman. Diana subdued Steve but she still had to face a Legion of shadow demons attempting to take over the Watchtower. Although several more heroes teleported in the Watchtower to help fight them, the team had to escape into the Phantom Zone.

While in the Zone, Wonder Woman, Batman, Cyborg and Steve Trevor were attacked by General Zod and the Phantom Zoners. However their teammates managed to get them out. The Leaguers had already discovered the Anti-Monitor was behind the attacks.

The Justice League assembled all heroes in the world, but the Anti-Monitor was raising a massive army, so the core Justice Leaguers invaded his citadel while the remainder heroes stayed behind and protected the planet. The Anti-Monitor sent out other villains to stop them. Wonder Woman fought Circe and took Black Adam down in battle.






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