Diana of Themyscira is the heroine Wonder Woman.

The daughter of Hippolyta of Themyscira. Around 1991, the young Diana came across a young boy, who had washed ashore on the island, following a plane crash. Rather than informing her mother and the other Amazons, Diana kept the boy hidden for five years. When the boy was finally discovered, Diana's mother departed the island with him, to return him to his home.[1]

Five years later, Diana's mother still hadn't returned. So, Diana decided to leave the island and go looking for her. Eventually coming to the United States, Diana was unable to find her mother. Instead, her search kept bringing her to those who couldn't help themselves.[2]

About 2012, Diana saved the life of senator Kent. An incident that attracted the attention of the senator's son, Clark Kent (AKA Superman).[1] Together, they found themselves drawn into the schemes of Felix Faust. Events that reunited Diana with Steve Trevor, the boy that she had saved 20 years earlier, and learning that her mother was still alive. Not long after, Diana found herself arrested by the D.E.O., with their then director being blackmailed by Faust.[2]

Diana was taken to their base for interrogation, but she was secretly working with Clark to find her mother, who was a prisoner of the D.E.O.. The pair managed to find Hippolyta, but Faust managed to free Hades, whom Hippolyta had once helped to imprison. Realizing that Superman needed her help, Diana donned the armor previously worn by her mother and helped defeating him. In the aftermath, Diana was dubbed "Wonder Woman" by President Martinez. Rather than going back to Themyscira with her mother, Diana chose to remain in the United States as a representative of the island and to fight for truth and justice. With the aid of Steve, the new D.E.O. director, Diana set up a secret identity for herself as "Diana Prince", a D.E.O. agent.[3][4]

A few months later, Diana joined forces with several other superheroes to battle the Monitors, to save reality. Afterwards, she joined the newly formed team known as the "Justice League".[5][6]




  • Diana technically only appeared in season 11. However, a vision in "Hourglass" features a brief glimpse of her skeleton with her bracelets and tiara.
  • In "Fortune", Chloe Sullivan mentions that she's met a "wondrous woman".[9] However, Diana's appearance in season 11 doesn't line up with this.[2][3][4] Meaning that it was not her.



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