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The Longest Night

Diana was one of the Heroes who abandoned their cause after the Malazza-Rem alien invasion that caused humanity to turn their backs on the Meta-Humans. She returned to Paradise Island, but received word from an Oracle as to the time and location of Superman's rediscovery. She then joined Him and Jimmy Olsen as they reassembled the Justice League for a last stand against the Malazza-Rem. They first encounter Batman, who harshly criticizes them for abandoning the struggle and rejects them. They then travel to Coast City where they meet and enlist Green Lantern. They also encounter a young Meta-Human called Superboy, who tries to join them, but they find him a nuisance and turn him down. They then enlist The Flash and head to Metropolis. In the Rocky Mountains, they meet Superboy again, and he has just destroyed a Malazza-Rem stronghold and carelessly let some escape. They then allow him to join so that they can keep an eye on him. In Metropolis they meet Metallex and his resistance, and form the Super Seven.

The Longest Night

Lana Lang led the Super Seven into a trap in which a shield is placed around Metropolis, trapping them inside with hundreds of Malazza-Rem. Diana and Jimmy Olsen are the only two to witness Lang's betrayal and Jimmy is unable to shoot her due to their long history. Diana then notices an alien about to shoot Jimmy and takes the hit instead. As she dies she explains that her death was inevitable, as it was prophesied by the Oracles on Paradise Island.







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