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Quote1.png When the rules are wrong you have to break them. Especially when little ones are in trouble. Mothers Five keep the children alive. Quote2.png
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Princess Diana of Themyscira is the princess of the Amazons, sculpted from clay by Queen Hippolyta and given life by the Five Mothers.

On Diana's sixteenth born day she learned that the border around Themyscira was weakening and had holes in it, caused by the strife and suffering of the outside world. She asked her mother and Antiope if this could mean the great evil the Amazons are meant to fight had returned and it was time for them to do more than remain in their secluded paradise but she was told that such breaks in the barrier had happened before and that they would be repaired soon. Diana is uncomfortable with the idea of letting suffering occur outside their barriers since their society is supposed to be about fighting evil, but is unable to articulate her concerns clearly. She is consoled with an account that when mortals have passed through the barriers before they were given a memory erasing tea and sent on their way, with the barriers repaired behind them. That night refugees wash up on shore, and and Diana hears those still in the water outside the barrier calling for help. Despite her mother telling her they cannot interfere with the outside world Diana realizing that there are children drowning makes her dive into the ocean without hesitation to save them. Once she's exited the barrier around Themyscira she cannot find her home again and joins the refugees as they float to Greece.