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Quote1.png I dedicate my eternal life to serving others and using my gifts for altruism and not gain. Quote2.png
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Diana is the young and brash princess of Themyscira.

Princess Diana was born from the sands shaped by her mother Queen Hippolyta on a beach in Themyscira. Hippolyta sang while giving her forms, and the Amazons of the island joined her in the song. The music reached the ears of the Gods of Olympus, who then wept with emotion and their silver and gold tears falling on the sand of the island gave life to Diana as well as her divine powers.

The only child born on the island, Diana grew spoiled by all the Amazons, becoming a vain and self-centered girl, always provoking the other women with her pranks. Only one of the Amazons, the stablewoman Alethea, did not give her the attention Diana demanded of them all.

Obsessed with conquering Alethea's heart, Diana ventured into the perils of the Island of Themyscira, killing monsters and discovering hidden treasures. However much Diana tried, it did not make Alethea admire her.

Diana's actions went so far as to cause a terrible tragedy against her Amazon sisters, even costing Alethea herself, who fought bravely to counter the danger invoked by Diana. Only after Alethea's death, Diana understood Alethea's heart and that it was she, not the princess, a true Amazon.

Because of the tragedy and her beloved's death, Diana was judged and condemned by Queen Hippolyta to exile in the modern Man's World, and should return only when she have made up for the ills she have caused.[1]





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