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The Spider Widow amused herself by dressing up as a green-skinned hag and using her telepathic control over spiders to terrify criminals, and later, Nazis.

In the early 1940s, Dianne Grayton was a wealthy but bored socialite who discovered by accident that she had the ability to mentally control black widow spiders. Since she had little better to do, Dianne decided to use her newfound power and her natural athletic prowess to fight both crime and the Nazis, dressing up as the green skinned hag called the Spider Widow to scare criminals. She later developed a romantic attachment to fellow crimefighter the Raven (Tony Grey) and on two occasions teamed up with the Phantom Lady. Her whereabouts since World War II are unknown.



  • Superior athletic ability
  • Throwing Spider Widow once knocked a gunman unconscious with a thrown fencing foil, hitting his forehead handle-first.

The Spider Widow was originally published by Quality Comics and is presumed to be one of the properties DC acquired along with other characters published by the company. However, DC has yet to revive her.