Die Faust Der Kain, or The Fist of Cain, are based around the teachings of Christian Fleischer.
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Die Faust Der Kain
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The Fist Of Cain, The Amway of Murder,
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Christian Fleischer was visited by a spirit and created a philosophy, a religion around it.
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Die Faust Der Kain, or The Fist of Cain, are based around the teachings of Christian Fleischer.

Members base their murders around a esoteric point system in order to gain influence within the Organization.

Paragon Arm Race

One group raided an island to steal Paragon Brain, a product of the God Garden, .[1]

The band Sin By Silence attempted to use the Paragon Brain, to drive the attendants at a peace conference in Tel Aviv into a homicidal frenzy. This was stopped by members of Spyral, Christian Fleischer was also in attendance and was shot. [2]

Hunt for Superman

The group tried to target Superman when he was depowered and visiting in gotham.[3]

Party at Fleiscchaus

A party was held at Fleiscchaus where escaped members of the Suicide squad were offered up to be killed for points.[4]


Equipment: While constantly using weapons they have been known to use |Metahuman blood as an augmentation drug, users exhibit super strength and enhanced speed.[3]
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: Members of the Die Faust Der Kain have access to a variety of personnel weapons they are trained in using.


  • Their inherently competitive organizational schema means that a groups of members will work at cross purposes to accomplish their goals rather than acting collectively as a force.[1]


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