Quote1 <Excellent rhetoric, Bergen. Practice your pop-eyed glare and you've got it.> Quote2
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Dieter Bergen was the self-proclaimed Führer of the future Fourth Reich.

His neo-Nazi party, Wotan's Fist, was funded by radical sympathisers throughout Europe. When he had the resources to achieved his ambitious goals, he tracked down the elderly S.S. officer, General von Raddel to help him raise an army.

The General had been wounded by a bullet in World War II which put him in a catatonic state. He remained in care for 51 years, until Bergen found him, bearing the swastika. The symbol of his ideals shocked his brain out of atrophy and he led the "little Führer" to Kursk, Russia, the place of his defeat, to raise his fallen men from the grave. Bergen witnessed Nazi occultism at its finest, as General von Raddel resurrected 200 undead soldiers, the S.S. Panzerarmee Hell.[1]

Bergen flew the General and his infernal army to Fort Cahill, Texas. The American soldiers were no match for the invulnerable invaders and were slaughtered. Bergen and von Raddell claimed their first victory, and fifty new American tanks.[1] The General plotted a strategy to advance on Washington, D.C. by first moving the tanks through the desert, while the fuel trucks travelled via the roads. Bergen followed the tank battalion in a tanker carrying napalm.

Strangely, the tanks arrived at the rendezvous point before the fuel trucks. Instead they were met by the demon Etrigan. Recently appointed 'Hell's hitman' and intent on returning 200 Nazi souls to Hell, Etrigan informed the German's he had destroyed their fuel, foiling their plans. General von Raddel was not so easily defeated. He summoned demon sympathisers who dragged Etrigan down to the Aryan Inferno. They then set course for the nearest town of Chaparral.[2]

What the Führer and General were unaware of was Etrigan had enlisted the help of the Haunted Tank Unit, who were now the only thing standing between 50 tanks and Chaparral's destruction. Bergen hung back from the firefight, watching a single tank outmatch his own forces through binoculars, while eating big sausage from the safety of his truck. He was terrified when the passenger door was opened by a mutilated and furious Etrigan. He was told to get out, but a jammed door - or pure panic - kept Bergen in the demon's path. He was abruptly ejected from the cab, along with the door, with deadly force.[3]


  • Aviation: Bergen can pilot large aircraft.[1]
  • Leadership: Bergen created and led the neo-Nazi organisation, Wotan's Fist.[2]
  • Political Science: Bergen himself states that political affairs are his forte.[2]
  • Military Protocol: It's unknown if Bergen ever served in the military, but he has knowledge, skills and the mien to this effect.[2]



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