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Quote1 She looks up to you because you're the person who will go above and beyond to do what is right no matter the personal consequences. That's who you are no matter what. Quote2
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Dinah Drake is a detective for Star City Police Department and the second Black Canary after the death of Laurel Lance.


Dinah worked as a CCPD detective using the alias "Tina Boland". On the night of the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion, Dinah and her partner/boyfriend Vince were discovered and tortured by Sean Sonus' gang, who apparently killed Vince in front of her, causing Dinah to scream in horror and become a metahuman when she was hit by the dark matter, winning the sonic scream power.[1]

Becoming Black Canary

She became a well-known vigilante in the city and started to chase and detain several criminals, drawing the attention of Green Arrow and his team, who tried to recruit her to be the new canary. She initially rejected it, but after getting revenge by killing Sonus and all of his allies, she went to Star City and revealed her true identity to Green Arrow/Oliver Queen, accepting his offer.[1]

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  • Metahuman physiology: After Dinah was struck by the energy of the Particle Accelerator explosion, this altered her DNA and supercharged her cells, augmenting her physiology to access her new abilities.



  • Power-dampening tech[5]


  • Black Canary suit: Laurel's suit as the Black Canary inspired Dinah to create her own protective suit to become the next Canary.
  • Expandable Baton: As Black Canary, she uses a pair of expandable batons to fight. They are able to combine into a bo-staff.
  • Sonic bracelet: (Formerly) After Dinah's throat was slit by Stanley Dover, she lost her powers, so Felicity used Laurel's Canary Cry device to create a sonic bracelet for Dinah to wear while healing.[6]
  • Sonic amplifier: (Formerly) A device created by Curtis Holt that allows Dinah to focus her sonic scream.[7]



  • Guns (Formerly)



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