Dinah Drake was the first Black Canary and the mother of the second Black Canary.

In her youth, Dinah Drake wanted to become a police officer. However, at the time, the idea of female police officers wasn't taken seriously. As such, she decided to take a different route to fight crime by becoming a vigilante. As Black Canary, she fought criminals and villains for a couple of years before retiring to found a family. She married the detective Larry Lance and gave birth to a single child, Dinah Lance.

Dinah Drake and her husband initially hid her past as a vigilante to their daughter, even when she started to develop the same power as her mother. That resolution changed the day someone attacked Dinah Drake's workplace and her daughter used her power in self-defense. In an attempt to diminish her daughter's distress, she revealed everything to her.

Not long afterward, Dinah Drake got kidnapped by Bonfire, an old enemy. After Dinah Drake was saved by Dinah Lance, dressed in her Black Canary outfit, she passed the mantle to her daughter.





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