Dinah Drake Lance was the first Black Canary, a member of Justice Society of America. She was a mother of Dinah Laurel Lance.

A founding member of Justice Society of America, Dinah shared many adventures alongside her teammates, including a decisive battle against their Nazi enemy Per Degaton during WWII. She continued her crime-fighting career even after marrying and giving birth to a daughter. One night, the JSA responded to a terrorist attack, only to be seperated from each other in a bomb blast. Canary continued with the mission and helped evacuate the people as best she could, and in doing so was reunited with Wildcat, who would come back looking for her. Before the two could escape the fire, a flaming pile of debris fell and mortally injured Black Canary. Her final words were to beg Wildcat to look after her little girl, to which her friend readilly agreed.





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