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Dinah Redmond, born Dinah Lance, was a member of the Birds of Prey.

Dinah Lance was born to Carolyn Lance, also known as the Black Canary. When she was six a man strapped a bomb underneath her bed without her knowledge. Her mother came home that night and found it set to go off an hour later. That night her mother dropped her off at a foster family and never came back.

The Redmond Family were the family that took her in. They lived in the small town of Opal, Missouri. At that time Dinah had not shown any signs of Metahuman potential but that quickly changed after her mother left her. Dinah witnessed Barbara Gordon being shot by Joker and Selina kyle being murdered in front of Helena by Clayface in disguise. The Redmonds kept telling Dinah what she saw was just her imagination. They then began locking her in a closet until she promised to stop seeing things.

At some point over the next ten years she had end up running away multiple times, had been truant from school, and had a shoplifting charge on her record.

Then at the age of sixteen Dinah made a break from her old life, heading out for New Gotham where she was determined to make a different life than the her former one. That first night she is attacked by a man she thought she could trust. She was saved by the Huntress who she identified as the girl from her dream. She read Helena's mind before she left and found out about the clock tower. She broke in, using the information she learned through Helena, only to get knocked out. Later she helped them solve that case they had been working and this allowed her to join the Birds in the fight against crime.

Through out the series Dinah has a few tough patches. Most of this is caused by her discovery that her mother was the Black Canary then the death or presumed death of her mom as the body was never shown. All that was shown was the building she was in exploding in front of Dinah leaving her angry for a few episodes. When she comes across her mother's killer she has the chance to take revenge but instead protects him from an assassin so he can go back to prison where he belongs.


  • Precognition: Dinah can see images of events that have not yet taken place. Usually these images come to her in dreams.
  • Tactile Telepathy: Through physical contact, Dinah can see flashes of a person's memory's. Upon meeting Helena Kyle for the first time, Dinah touched her on the arm and learned about the location of the Birds of Prey Headquarters at the Gotham Clock Tower. She also learned the access codes required for her to gain entrance.[1]
  • Telekinesis: Dinah could send out pulses of power that could knock men over, this seemed to be emitted from her hands. She more commonly uses this with her eyes.






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