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Dinah Lance is the second Black Canary and the daughter of the first Black Canary.

Dinah Lance considered herself a normal child until she started to develop a superpower. At first, she tried to keep it under control by avoiding any situation that could trigger it.

One day, she got attacked and used her power to defend herself. Initially terrified, she got calmed down by her mother. Dinah Drake explained how she had the same superpower and used to use it when she was a vigilante. Aware her daughter needed guidance, she found two mentors for Dinah Lance: Ms. Bonner, who would teach her to control her voice, and Ted Grant, who would teach her to fight.

When her mother was kidnapped by an old enemy of hers, Bonfire, Dinah decided to put on her mother's vigilante outfit and rushed to save her. After Bonfire's defeat, Dinah intended to give the outfit back to her mother, however, Dinah Drake chose to pass the mantle to her, making Dinah Lance the second Black Canary.

The same day, Dinah Lance decided to name her music band "Black Canary".





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