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Dinah Lance is the Black Canary, but this is her second life. She was a costumed adventurer with her detective husband until the day she was widowed, when her world changed forever. She joined the Justice League of America, searching for something that passed for stability and community. It was in their midst, during a battle with one of the League's enemies, that she received the power of a voice that can shatter brick and steel.

In many ways, she began fighting crime out of human empathy, but became something more than human while fighting alongside the League. Her relationship with Green Arrow has been vital to both of them. Both lost their worlds. Together, Green Arrow and Black Canary have fought against local crime as well as the interplanetary variety.

Dinah also runs a local business, as a manager and owner of a flower shop. Her relationship with those whose lives she has saved over and over again is therefore closer than perhaps anyone else in the league. She doesn't merely save the city; she lives within it and with its people.[1]




  • Costume Armor: Although not entirely visible, her costume functions as body armor that will at least stop bullets and small knives from puncturing her.
  • Dinah wears a blonde wig.[2]



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