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Dinah Lance is the second Black Canary and the daughter of Dinah Drake Lance, the original Black Canary.

Early Life

Dinah Lance was the daughter of a member of the Justice Society of America. Dinah was born into a family of cops[1] and developed a sonic scream, caused by her being born with a metagene.[2] In her youth, she was trained by a heavy weight boxing champion (possibly Ted Grant), making her a skilled fighter.[2]

Season Seven

By 2008, Dinah had joined the Daily Planet as a reporter, where her conservative views frequently caused her to clash with the more liberal Lois Lane. Dinah had also begun engaging in vigilante activities, by sporting a black leather suit. She soon found herself recruited by Lex Luthor, who tricked her into thinking that he was the victim against a group, that had been attacking him and LuthorCorp. This lead Dinah to attack Chloe Sullivan and finding herself in battle against the Green Arrow. However, she quickly fled the scene. Acting under orders from Lex, Dinah uncovered the Green Arrow's secret identity and attacked him. But, an encounter with Clark Kent caused her to have doubt about Lex's innocence. When she tried to confront Lex, he turned on her and attempted to kill her. Dinah only survived thanks to the intervention of Clark and the Green Arrow. She later approached the two, in her civilian identity, to announce her retirement, but was convinced to join the Green Arrow's team.[1]

Season Eight

A few months later, Dinah aided the team in their global search for Clark, Lex and Chloe. However, this ended with her identity being exposed by LuthorCorp and forcing her to go underground for a while.[3] She eventually returned to help bring down Doomsday, which ended in disaster and she once more went underground.[4] However, she soon returned to her regular activities.[5]

Season Ten

Dinah was captured alongside the rest of the team by the Department of Domestic Security, and was trapped within a virtual world, where she lacked her powers. However, Dinah managed to break free and helped Chloe Sullivan and the Suicide Squad fight off the DDS-agents, while Chloe got the others out.[6] At some point after that, Dinah fought Solomon Grundy.[7]

Season Eleven

Dinah became the caregiver of Mia Dearden, after Oliver got too distracted by other matters to act as a mentor. Dinah wasn't up for it either, but helped Mia developing the persona of Speedy. Later, Dinah sent Mia to San Francisco, to be with other costumed adventurers her age.[8] Dinah herself later fought alongside many other superheroes against the Monitors in Metropolis.[9]


  • Sound Manipulation: Black Canary possesses a metagene, that gives her a potent sonic scream.[2] Her sonic scream is able to damage and subdue foes and objects.[2] Due to their enhanced hearing, Black Canary is able to subdue Kryptonians.[1]


  • While they were never shown to be dating onscreen, Dinah and Oliver Queen frequently flirted with each other.[1][2] In Smallville Season 11 Special #4, Mia Dearden refers to Dinah as Oliver's "not quite ex-girlfriend".[8]
  • Dinah Lance is a conservative.[1]



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