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| Weight =
| Weight =
| Eyes = Green
| Eyes = Green
| Hair = Brown
| Hair = Blonde
| UnusualFeatures =
| UnusualFeatures =

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Laurel was born and raised in Starling City on Earth-2. At some point in her youth she met Oliver Queen and they feel deeply in love. In 2007 when Oliver was on a boat trip with his father Robert Queen in the Pacific, the boat sank and Oliver tragically died while Robert was the only survivor. Afterward a heartbroken Laurel moved to Central City to start a new life. However Laurel never really recovered from Oliver's death and gradually descended into depression and began making regrettable choices. In 2013 Laurel was one of the many affected by Harrison Wells' particle accelerator and gained the power to emit high frequency screams capable of killing people and destroying entire buildings. Shortly after she was found by Hunter Zolomon/Zoom and fell under his influence, and became a criminal known as "Black Siren" and one of Hunter's lieutenants.





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