Black Canary was a member of the Justice League after the Thanagarian invasion.

Black Canary first joined the Justice League during the team expansion that followed the Thanagarian invasion of Earth. Green Arrow, also admitted to the team during that time, took notice of her and decided to stay on just to get to know her better. Eventually, Green Arrow helped Black Canary rescue Wildcat from his addiction to fighting in Roulette's Meta-Brawl arena against meta-humans. Black Canary offered to fight Wildcat on the grounds that Roulette would ban him from future participation in Meta-Brawl, which she accepted; however, Green Arrow knocked Black Canary out with a gas arrow and took her place in the ring, letting Wildcat beat him to death in order for him to see the end result of his fighting addiction. Black Canary at first cursed Green Arrow for this action as being stupid, macho, and pig-headed, but admitted with tenderness that what he did was also very sweet of him. Soon she discovered that Green Arrow used a stunner to put himself in metabolic stasis to make it look as if he did die at Wildcat's hands. To make sure Wildcat would not return to fighting in Meta-Brawl, Black Canary used her "canary cry" to destroy the arena.

Black Canary would continue to work alongside Green Arrow in the Justice League, even serving as bodyguards when crime boss Steve Mandragora was put into protective custody by federal agents pending a court case involving his former associates. It was during this case when she fought against the Huntress, who was seeking revenge for Mandragora killing her parents when she was a child. Later on, Black Canary was being secretly summoned by Roulette by a control signal through her Justice League communicator to fight her fellow female Justice League members in Roulette's Meta-Brawl Glamour Slam matches. Huntress, who followed Black Canary to these matches, broke Roulette's control over her by accidentally destroying her communicator, but the two of them were soon captured by Roulette's men and forced to fight together against Vixen, Hawkgirl, and Wonder Woman in the arena. After freeing Vixen and Hawkgirl from Roulette's control, Black Canary and Huntress broke into the control room where they forced Roulette and Sonar to kill the signal just before Wonder Woman smashed Vixen's and Hawkgirl's faces together.


  • Sound Manipulation: A sonic "canary cry" burst that she can emit from her vocal cords, that is powerful enough to knock out equipment and her adversaries.[1][2][3]


"Black Canary" the prostitute?

  • An early draft version of Black Canary appeared in the form of a prostitute that Batgirl had questioned for the whereabouts of Roxy Rocket,[5] and Robin (Tim Drake) in the flashback sequence of Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker.[citation needed]
  • Black Canary was originally intended to appear in an episode of Batman: The Animated Series where she teams up with Catwoman, but was aborted.



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