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Dinah Lance worked undercover in Black Mask's organization and joined Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey to bring him down.

Dinah Lance was born in Gotham City to a woman who was part of the Gotham City Police Department. With that, she also inherited her mother's powerful abilities of the sonic scream. Eventually, her mother was killed somewhere in the city. Devastated by her mother's death and the police's inability to do anything about it, she held a grudge against the police and struggled by herself for a while. Eventually, she was hired by the mob boss Roman Sionis as a singer at his club, and has this job for years.

One day, she was about to go home and saw a drunk Harley Quinn about to be kidnapped by two men. While she fights them off, Roman witnesses the fight from above and is impressed by her abilities, and decides to gmake her his new driver. He sends his right hand man Victor Zsasz down there to tell her about her new job.

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  • Harley's baseball bat



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