Dinesh Babar was the son of a lorry driver in Manchester, England, before he was abducted by Professor Pyg.

In the employment of Simon Hurt, Pyg turned Dinesh into a Dollotron, a faceless, mindless monster before implanting him with corrupted memories of Damian Wayne.

Being sent out with Deathwing, the two Dollotrons combated the real Nightwing and Robin before being defeated. It was then that Dinesh began having memories of his past life, wishing to help the heroes stop the men that had brainwashed him.

While Nightwing and Robin ambushed Professor Pyg during his "art exhibition" in Paris, France, "Robin" was killed by his former partner Deathwing, falsely believing that the villain was regaining memories of his past life as well.


  • Diminished Intellect: Because of his brainwashing into a Dollotron by Professor Pyg, Dinesh had a problem distinguishing his past life from that of Damian Wayne's.



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