Dino Manolis (Earth-50) before

The Machinist during Stormwatch-era.

Dino Manolis, the Machinist, was a supervillain who fought StormWatch in the eighties. In his prime he was a fearsome foe, and clashed several times with Battalion during Battalion's early career. Eventually his supervillain career went into such shambles that ended up as a washed-up ex-con living with his mother at the age of forty-something. Manolis became a consultant of sorts, selling his technological expertise to more competent and powerful superhuman criminals. Though his services were certainly quite useful, he was not exactly in a good position to demand fair payment and was now little better than a salaryman. He became a retainer to notorious posthuman Slaughterhouse Smith, who justifiably terrorized him.

It was as Slaughterhouse Smith's follower that he attended a clandestine meeting of supervillains in New York City organized by Lord Defile. Two unlucky policemen inspecting the abandoned theatre where the meeting was taking place sparked a terrible massacre in the streets of Manhattan. As the situation escalated into a major posthuman conflict that left more than 400 people dead. Manolis was arrested and approached by Jackson King. King wanted him to work for his new StormWatch division and Manolis was eager to cut a deal to avoid punishment for his involvement, so he joined the Stormwatch PHD as an expert in technology. However, he soon discovered that King and NYPD officer John Doran, PHD's commander, did not expect to use him as just an expert technologist.

While Manolis was reluctant from the start, he accepted his job, including the physical training, though he apparently hated that, and went on missions and invented assorted gadgets for the operations. During their first mission against the extremely dangerous Russian crimelord, the Walking Ghost Manolis was used as an undercover agent and inserted on site with concealed technology of his own design, under the pretense of wanting to work for the Ghost as protection from a possible revenge from Slaughterhouse Smith. Though the Walking Ghost eventually escaped custody, the operation was considered a success. The whole caper had painted Manolis into a corner, though - he was now known as a snitch if not a cop by New York City's underworld, leaving him no choice but to stick with the PHD. Despite his grudging commitment to PHD, Manolis actually became successful in making himself feel much better and regain his long-lost dignity and sense of competency.

World's End

Manolis' fate in the wake of World's End is unclear, though a brief view of the future showed him living in relative comfort, surrounded by an entourage, in Raleigh, North Carolina. Since, as Fahrenheit pointed out, his technical expertise gave him a distinct utility to any post-apocalyptic community interested in retaining electricity and basic running water.




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