Dinosaurs ruled the land from 233 to 65 million years ago where most of them, in most parts of the world, became extinct.


Some non-avian Dinosaurs survived at places like Dinosaur Island, Skartaris, Maple White Land, Atlantis and Monster Valley, and appeared time and time again to fight hero and villain alike, as real wild life, clones, or robots resembling dinosaurs.

Powers and Abilities


The abilities depend on the species.


Atmosphere: 68% nitrogen, 30% oxygen (the concentration of oxygen was higher at that time.)
Population: Rare, believed to be extinct


Type of Government:


Level of Technology:


Cultural Traits:



Tyrannosaurus rex; Apatosaurus; Ankylosaurus; Triceratops; Velociraptor; Pteradactyl; and many, many others.


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Most dinosaurs are extinct, but one group, the birds, thrives in the modern era. Dinosaurs of the group Aves survived and diversified to become today's birds.

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