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Dirk Armstrong was a conservative columnist for the Daily Planet who served as a foil to Lois Lane and Clark Kent during the 1990s.

Daily Planet owner and publisher Franklin Stern hired Armstrong to pen a right wing column for the Daily Planet. Due to his political leanings, Armstrong often came at odds with Clark Kent and Perry White. He is quick to jump to conclusions and honestly believes his opinions, even when they are anti-Superman. He wrote a column proclaiming Superman a "super-menace" when Superman's powers change and a column defending Lex Luthor's right to a fair trial.[1][2] When the Daily Planet was bought by Luthor, Armstrong was one of the few reporters that was not fired and he briefly worked for LexCom.

Aside from work, Armstrong looks after his blind daughter Ashbury. When his daughter became romantically entangled with blue alien Scorn, who was actually a native of a bottled city named after the Kryptonian city Kandor, Armstrong observed the relationship with much concern and chagrin, but came to eventually accept their relationship.[3]



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