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Dirk Gray-son is an attorney in Metropolis and patrician.

He and his friend Bruss Wayne-son vied for the love of Barbara Gord-son, in which they decided to let Barbara choose and whatever the choice will always remain friends.

Dirk became suspicious of Dr. Arkham following death of Barbara's father Eschevin Gord-son, who had made disapproving regards over Arkham's "psychomantic" seances.

Though without any evidence pointing to Arkham, Dirk attended the seances and questioned the Laughing Man. The Laughing Man alleges to see the future, of how long Dirk lives in what he called "tomorrow's dawn." As a result, Arkham sent the Laughing Man to dispose of Dirk. Despite being prepared to fight the Laughing Man, Dirk was ultimately killed via decapitation.