Sun Boy is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Dirk Morgna was encouraged by his parents - who are very liberal according to 31st century standards - to join the core team of the Legion of Super-Heroes, with his power to emit fire and heat. He became the Legion's field leader, however he tried to quit shortly before the battle between Lemnos' armies. Cosmic Boy forbade him, due of the circumstances. Cosmic Boy's harsh words to Sun Boy, including insults on other Legionnaires, were revealed to have been heard to every other Legionnaire, and it led to a conflict, which was a part of Brainiac 5's plan. The conflict ended when Cosmic Boy's homeworld, Braal, seceded itself from the United Planets, prompting Cosmic Boy to go home. However, he joined the successful battle against Terror Firma on the planet Helegyn.

Sun Boy was a part of the team going to the planet Ttrxl in the 5th Dimension, where his power (and everybody else's powers) didn't work as usual, temporarily giving him the power to create darkness.

After the final battle against Lemnos' armies and the Terror Firma, Sun Boy heard that the Terror Firma had been born in exile on a world that the United Planets used to dump criminals. He decided that now, when things had calmed down, he could leave the Legion and lead the Terror Firma and teach them Legion standards.

The Terror Firma was caught and experimented on by the Dominators. They were freed by the Dominator's Top Combat Technologist, whose plan was to start catastrophic wars to destroy the old and "flawed" Dominators, to have them replaced by Dominator supersoldiers. His plan didn't work, and the Legion, Terror Firma and the Wanderers won the Dominator War by putting their entire planet to the Phantom Zone.

Sun Boy resumed active status in the Legion, on the condition that the Terror Firma could stay with the Legion.

He was tragically murdered by Superboy-Prime during Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds.[1]

Sun Boy was revived as a Black Lantern during the events of Blackest Night [2].


  • Energy Projection: Sun Boy can internally generate an almost limitless supply of solar energy, from the smallest candle flicker to a blistering furnace. He is also immune to virtually all forms of heat and solar radiation.


  • Sun Boy's power to radiate light and heat can be reflected back on him by mirrors, jewels and even creatures that possess reflective physical characteristics. If he increases his radiation power to full strength he can crack mirrors in these situations.
  • Sun Boy is nyctophobic, which is a fear of the dark. Fortunately for Dirk, his powers compensate for this fear, and it rarely presents a problem for him.





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