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Dirk Morgna aka Sun Boy is the solar-energy-manipulating member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.


Working as a assistant at his father's nuclear power plant, he was delivering some basic supplies to one of the scientists, Dr. Zaxton Regulus. However, the machine Regulus was working on explodes, resulting in the death of Zarl Hendricks, who also worked at the plant.

Dr. Regulus blamed the accident, and his subsequent dismissal, on the interruption. He attempted to get his revenge on Dirk Morgna by throwing him in an atomic reactor. This did not kill Dirk, as it was revealed that he is a Metahuman with a "one-in-a-million genetic structure". The radiation is absorbed into his body and gives him the power to generate heat and light.

Legion of Super-Heroes

Dirk applied to the Legion of Super-Heroes as Sun Boy, but was rejected as he has only demonstrated his ability to generate light. He was later accepted when he showed his heat-generation ability.


  • Unique Physiology: As a metahuman, Dirk's latent physiology enabled him to survive the nuclear accident that grants him his powers.
    • Energy Projection: Sun Boy can internally generate an almost limitless supply of solar energy, from the smallest candle flicker to a blistering furnace.
    • Energy Resistance: He is also immune to virtually all forms of heat and solar radiation.


  • Aviation: Sun Boy was an above-average pilot and frequently piloted the Legion LX-811 space cruisers.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic): As a cadet, all potential members of the Legion undergo personal combat training.
  • Mechanical Aptitude: Sun Boy possessed a small degree of understanding when it came to 30th century technology, and could often be found repairing Legion star cruisers.
  • Photography: Sun Boy was an amateur photographer, but typically only engaged in the activity as a hobby in his spare time.


  • Vulnerability to Reflections: Sun Boy's power to radiate light and heat can be reflected back on him by mirrors, jewels and even creatures that possess reflective physical characteristics.

Other Characteristics

  • Nyctophobia: Sun Boy has a fear of the dark. Fortunately for Dirk, his powers compensate for this fear, and it rarely presents a problem for him.




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