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Dispatcher was one of the most skilled assassins in Apokolips, and a loyal servant to Darkseid.

Darkseid commanded Dispatcher to find Anne Flaherty, a human possessing a piece of the Anti-Life Equation, and bring her alive to Apokolips. However, he arrived late, because Anne died in a car accident involving a drunk driver. Terrified of how Darkseid could punish him for his failure, Dispatcher sought help from DeSaad, who informed him of the Lightray attempting to revive Anne. That was his second chance to fulfill his mission.[1]

When he intercepted Lightray, he stole the device Metron gave him and used it to resurrect the woman. However, the revived Anne turned to dust seconds after rising from her coffin. Stricken again by the terror of failing his task a second time, Dispatcher ran away and tried to kill Orion and see if Darkseid could forgive his life. But John Elliot, the drunk driver who killed Anne and was visiting the cemetery, found Dispatcher's gun and used it against him, finally killing the Apokoliptian assassin.[2]




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