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The Diviner is a low level magician in the employ of crime lord La Dama.

Although Diviner was an amateur compared with the more known magicians in this world, he quickly rose to the post of a magical instructor in Warehouse 13.

After a new Blue Beetle got involved in one of La Dama's operations, Diviner was recalled from the Warehouse. La Dama wanted Diviner to break the Blue Beetle, and if he was strong enough to survive, recruit him to La Dama's cause.

But the right moment did not present itself as Jaime Reyes (the Blue Beetle) was accompanied by a friend and Brenda Del Vecchio, the niece of La Dama.

Diviner quickly turned this setback to his advantage and commanded his magical Ents to attack the group. The plan was that he would "rescue" La Dama's niece to gain the favour of the crime lord.

But things didn't go as planned and the Blue Beetle was unexpectedly able to temper the magical energy. Although the Diviner wasn't caught in the act, his Ents were dispelled and he had to bring the joyless news to La Dama that the Blue Beetle was too powerful for him to control.

He later disguised himself to recruit the service of the Bottom Feeder in stealing the Posse baby Alina and return her to Warehouse 13. But, yet again, the plan was foiled by the Blue Beetle.





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