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The Djinn is a super-powered terrorist working out of Qurac, and a member of the Jihad.

This has made him an enemy to the Outsiders and the Suicide Squad. He is a living man who has been reduced to binary code, and stored in a magnetic "bottle." This allows him to pass through walls, destroy machines, and kill men with his bare hands.[1] His powers were engineered for Jihad by the scientist Jess Bright.[2]

Suicide Squad

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The Jihad auditioned for President Marlo of Qurac by destroying a fake airport. They used real Quraci citizens to set the scene, and the Djinn strangled several security officers to death. This was a success and Marlo hired them to kill the American President. The other members of this team included Chimera, Jaculi, Manticore, Ravan, and their leader Rustam. Amanda Waller sent the Suicide Squad to attack their fortress Jotunheim.[1] The Enchantress is sent to neutralize Djinn. It is revealed that the Djinn gets hooked up to a computer at night, where programs simulate an artificial life for him. Enchantress accidentally wakes the Djinn, and it nearly kills her before she can stop it. She is able to defeat him by destroying his "bottle" at which point he disappears.[3]


There is later a new Jihad formed, lead by the new Rustam. They are seen slaughtering a group of Checkmate agents, and Djinn is with them stored in a new device. The other members of this team included Agni, Dahak, Dervish, the third Manticore, and their leader the second Rustam.[4] This group attacked a plane in mid-flight, where they were forced to battle the Outsiders. The Djinn was released and sent to kill the magic-user Faust. Faust was able to cast a spell that imprisoned Djinn in a portable television, removing him from the fight.[5] Djinn is not seen again after this battle.

He later has a successor named Digital Djinn.[6]


  • The name "Djinn" is a clear reference to Islamic mythology, where djinns are supernatural creatures. They are better known in English as genies.
  • The Djinn was reportedly supposed to be one of the villains in David S. Goyer's screenplay Green Arrow: Escape From Super Max.[7]


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