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Dmitri Mishkin is a Russian vampire hunter raised and trained by Andrew Bennett. He works alongside Bennett's other human sidekick Deborah Dancer.


Born in Russia, Dmitri Mishkin's father Ivan Pavlovitch was an abusive alcoholic who beat his mother Dunya. One night they let a stranger into their home who turned out to be the vampire Mary, Queen of Blood. She murdered his father and turned his mother into a vampire, taking her away and leaving him an orphan. Andrew Bennett met the boy while hunting down Mary and took pity on him. He offered young Dimitri a chance to avenge his mother, and raised him to become a vampire hunter.[1]


Dmitri assists Bennett well into his own old age, hunting down the Cult of the Blood Red Moon with Deborah Dancer.[2] Eventually their investigations take them to a vampire drug dealer named Emil Veldt who gives them the Blood Red Moon's financial records.[3] This leads them to an extremist racist group called the American Freedom Party.

Dmitri fights vampires.

Bennett comes close to murdering their leader, but Dmitri stops him and reveals that it's his mother.[4] The mental stress of meeting her again leads him to crash their car, forcing him to confess his inner turmoil.[1] Their next mission takes them to California where they meet a group of peaceful vampire monks led by Master Shoju and slay the manipulative Billy Kessler.[5] When they're trapped in a cave-in by hitmen, Bennett comes close to eating Dancer and Mishkin. Bennett realizes he can no longer put his friends at risk, and abandons them to continue the crusade on his own.[6]

Mishkin and Deborah try to track Andrew down in Egypt, but they find him just as he disappears through time to follow Mary using the Rings of Kur-Alet.[7] They use a hypnotist to contact him telepathically through time, saving his life again.[8] Eventually Bennett decides to return home when he sees a documentary that reminds him of their adventures at Woodstock.[9]

Dmitri dies killing his mother.

The team is reunited, although Bennett leaves again on a solo mission and is briefly captured by Allen Barr.[10] During this absence Deborah and Dmitri are stalked by another vampire.[11] This is revealed to be Edward Trane, a former partner of Andrew's turned vampire. Trane captures Andrew and Deborah as part of his revenge plan, knocking Dmitri out while he escapes.[12]

When they investigate a radical political movement led by the vampire Reverend Warnock, Dmitri meets his mother again.[13] He's kidnapped and his friends follow the trail to Moscow, where they learn his mother turned him into a vampire.[14] Dunya corners them in Dmitri's childhood home, where all of her vampire agents are killed in the slaughter. Deborah shoots at Dunya, but Dmitri dives in front of his mother to save her. Although he begs for her love, Dunya ignores him and moves to kill Deborah. Dmitri stakes his mother before succumbing to fatal injuries, remarking with his last breath that the monster was no longer his mother.[15]



Crucifixes, Communion Wafers[2]


Dmitri Mishkin and Deborah Dancer drove a white hearse carrying Andrew Bennet's coffin during the day.[16]


  • Mishkin's Cane: His weapon of choice is a walking cane used for bludgeoning. [2]
  • Wooden Stakes

  • Dmitri's name is alternatively spelled as "Dimitri" such as in his first appearance.[2]