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The Doctor was a part of The High's team, The Changers, whose goals were to change the world by removing the structure of society itself.

Ideally, there would be no more laws, authoritarian structures crime or war. The Doctor drugged all of London with the hallucinogen DMT. His place in The High's plan was to initiate a program of public education about the natural resources of the world, such as plants and magic, to show people a whole new world just sideways of the current one. Stormwatch attacked the group's base to stop them and the Doctor was killed by a Hammerstrike Deep Sanction Missile, a bio-war payload and tailored acid bomb. The Stormwatch field troops did not want the Doctor or his allies to die, but they had been tricked by their own leader, Henry Bendix.

The Doctor is seen many times afterwards as part of the collective Doctors in the Garden of Ancestral Memory. He is the one who converses the most with his successor Jeroen Thornedike, providing hints, clues, inspiration and a voice of resistance when enemies use brainwashing techniques.


  • Sorcery: There is always only one Doctor at any given time, who is the latest in a long line of shamans protecting the entire planet. Each doctor is as powerful as the sum of all preceding Doctors, each of whom was also as wise and powerful as the sum of all preceding Doctors, hence, each new Doctor is more powerful than his immediate predecessor.
  • Healing
  • Enlightened Senses: The Doctor through natural evolution of his position has developed over fifteen new senses, making him completely enlightened. He can't help but be naturally empathize with every living creature in existence.
  • Reincarnation: The doctor as the shaman of earth is literally unending, it is basically impossible to kill him and even if one is to succeed, upon his death, the singularity opens up around the next in line and he will know everything that all the doctors through time has, therefore experience is not required.
  • Garden of Ancestral Memory: When a Doctor dies, their spirit goes to the Garden of Ancestral Memory, where they can be visited by the current Doctor, and advise him. It is his connection to this realm that allows the doctor instant understanding of anything that happens on Earth. Its a tether to the Earths consciousness on a spiritual level. Thus this knowledge comes as more of a intuitive feeling as well as actual given knowledge. The Garden is in the dimension known as the Dreamtime, (a metaphysical place of ancestral memory on a alternate plane.) It is made up of everything good and bad about the human race. It contains every birth, every death, every idea, every triumph, every failure, every murder, every mutilation, every kiss, every caress, all the love, all the hate.
  • Racial Memory: The Doctor has Access to the racial memories of humanities ancestors, their entire lives from birth to death flow through him.


  • Occultism
  • Historical Scholar
  • Polymath: the Doctor for all intensive purposes is a master of all trades though it usually falls to what he chooses to know out of his long existence on the earth.


  • Flight
  • Teleportation