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Dr. Arkham was a twisted mashup of Batman and Jeremiah Arkham from the Dark Multiverse who had an obsession with human experimentation and observation.

"Dr. Arkham" earlier used to be the vigilante Batman who turned to human experimentation later in his career. He was recruited by the Batman Who Laughs into the Dark Knights in order to Earth 0 under a pact with Perpetua. He helped the evil Batmen take down Captain Atom by telling them to continuously blast at him. The resulting nuclear explosion destroyed the west coast of the United States of America just as he expected. After the victory of the Batmen from the Dark Multiverse, he was assigned to keep a rule along Harley Quinn's rule over the "Arkham Wastelands", which was the irradiated west coast split off from the United States into its own continent, and also to keep a watch over her.[1]

Arkham used his rule over Arkham Wastelands to further his human experimentation, with Arkham Asylum as his headquarters, and also developed a monstrous version of vampire bats.[1] When Wonder Woman and Batman of Earth 0 decided to free Superman from his imprisonment in New Apokolips in order to fight back, Harley agreed to help them. She led them to the Toymaster's vault in the wastelands, so they could take the Trinity Rocket to get to the planet. Dr. Arkham decided to confront them alone using a sten filled with bullets that contained a substance from lichen which could drive anyone permanently insane. He was however unsuccessful in stopping them and was quickly devoured by Harley's mutated hyena George.[2]




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