Quote1.png I'm Dr. Diabolical, master of evil science! Quote2.png
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Doctor Diabolical was an enemy of the Inferior Five.

Dr. Diabolical used to work analyzing criminal minds before he turned to a life of crime. He came to the belief that everyone is inferior to him, most of all the Inferior Five. Disguised as an old lady, and one of his henchmen acting as a random thug, he lured the heroes into the sewers, where his lab was located. He planned to transfer the Five's powers-Merryman's intellect, Blimp's flight, White Feather's archery skills, and Awkwardman and Dumb Bunny's strength-to his assistant Muggsy with a machine he built. However, Muggsy ended up with their weaknesses and his gang were soundly defeated. After the Inferior Five destroyed his machine, their weaknesses returned to them and Dr. Diabolical took the chance to escape. His current whereabouts are unknown.



  • Jet-Chair: The Jet-Chair rockets Dr. Diabolical into the sky as a means of escape.



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