Quote1.png Shavings of dry ice scattered in the clouds create rain ... My machine operates under the same premise! But when the chemicals of my vial bomb fill the sky a tremendous storm will occur! It will have an immediate effect upon the ocean, producing a man-made tidal wave! And Comrades ... out there somewhere is the Blackhawk's secret island waiting to be inundated! Quote2.png
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This Soviet scientist tried four times to wipe out the Blackhawks but fell victim to his own trickery and died.

During the Cold War, a Soviet mastermind calling himself Doctor Genius attempted to use a tidal-wave-generating invention to destroy the Blackhawks on Blackhawk Island. When that failed, and they rebuilt their base with more modern equipment, he attempted to eliminate them by sabotaging their new equipment. These attempts failed, and the final one backfired so badly that Doctor Genius was drowned.



  • Doctor Genius developed a chemical artillery shell which, when fired into the upper atmosphere, created the conditions for the formation of a tidal wave.



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