Doctor Glory is a scientist specializing in the interaction with alternate dimensions. She despises Conner Kent.

Head of S.T.A.R. Labs

Glory is from an unknown universe in the Multiverse and was an expert in dimensional travel. She eventually went to Earth 3, and was contacted by Marisol Leone, in order to help her travel from Earth 3 to Earth 0. The two decided to travel to the universe together.[1] On Earth 0, she became an employee and eventually head of S.T.A.R. Labs, a position she trainedfor an unknown period of time. As the head, she performed illegal experiments until she was stopped by Conner Kent, aka Superboy. She managed to subdue the teen hero by flinging him into an alternate dimension, namely the magical realm of Gemworld.[2] At an unknown point of time, she was contacted by

She was able to keep this act of villainy a secret from Superman and even Batman, though they remained skeptical of her casual demeanor.

Glory caught up with a very new (and very confused) teenaged superhero named Naomi. Conner would later return from Gemworld (and the Multiverse) to claim vengeance upon the callous doctor, but she tricks him yet again, this time by trapping him in Skartaris. To make sure Conner didn't come back to Prime Earth, she gave swords made out of Kryptonite to the Green Manaleeshi and the assorted lizard warriors. She wasted no time in gloating about this to Superboy.

Vs. Young Justice

Soon after, Young Justice stormed the S.T.A.R. Labs headquarters in Nevada to save Conner. But Glory was ready for them, and literally dumped extra-dimensional monsters onto the teenaged heroes. As they fought the beasts, Glory would escape to start her experiments anew. But she underestimated the tenacity of Young Justice as one of their newest members, Sideways, would be able to recover Conner from Skartaris. Surrounded, she offered the teenagers information on what became of the original Young Justice and why none of them remembers them.[3]

But Superboy wouldn't have any of it and mouthed off to the malevolent doctor for the lousy time he had had no thanks to her. Dr. Glory managed to retain a stiff upper lip and after the Wonder Twins let slip that they have not contacted the Justice League, she attempted to slip away, only to be subdued by Impulse. Glory attempted to beat up the speedster herself, but was thwarted yet again by a taser arrow shot by Arrowette. After Impulse revealed how the multiverse rebooted without Conner, he appeared to lash out even more at the evil doctor...but it was a fake-out, for Conner knows he has friends who'd reach hell and back for him. Glory attempted to intimidate the teenaged heroes, but was stopped short by the FBI and was hauled off to prison.[4]

Against the House of Kent

However, her imprisonment wouldn't last long. Marisol Leone, now the head of the Invisible Mafia, would arrange for her release. Despite being out of prison, Glory was more interested in being given money and a way to disappear. Much to her chagrin, she learned almost immediately that the Invisible Mafia would be going to war with the House of Kent: Superman, Supergirl and Superboy (Jon Kent); as well as Jon's friend Brainiac 5 and Glory's nemesis Conner.[5]

Glory later brought in a more powerful version of Parasite from the multiverse in order to battle the Superman Family.[1] She disappeared along with Leone after the Red Cloud tried fighting Superman, which was never a part of Leone's plan, and was defeated.[6]




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