Doctor Hutcheson creaed the second generation of Un-Men.

Doctor Hutcheson was part of a U.S. Army sanctioned scientific research team operating from a top-secret annex in the swamps of Louisiana. Along with his colleague, Doctor David Manguy, Hutcheson was instrumental in work relating to a second generation of Un-Men. One of the second generation Un-Men was Damien Kane, who was the recipient of a serum that prevented the physical abnormalities commonly associated with Un-Men. In 1994, the effects of the serum began to go into regression and Hutcheson brought Kane back to the facility for further treatment. When Damien escaped from the facility Doctor Manguy fell into a state of depression and Hutcheson was there to give him comfort. A short time later, the Un-Man known as Crassus led a raid on the facility to free his captured brethren. During the conflagration, Crassus accidentally shot Doctor Hutcheson, killing him.



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