Quote1 You will speak to your government officials ... You will tell them that I, Doctor Hydro, demand the presidency of the United States! Tell them I have had an offer from the Kremlin! If they do not meet my terms Russia receives my invention! Quote2
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In the mid-1950s, Doctor Hydro was briefly an enemy of the Blackhawks.

In 1955, on Lago Island in the Pacific Ocean, Doctor Hydro invented the "Silencer," which according to him was "... capable of making an H-bomb explosion no more dangerous than a cap pistol!" He proved it by interfering with a U.S. H-Bomb test. A ray projected from Hydro's device nullified the nuclear explosion, which produced only a tiny puff.

Doctor Hydro then contacted the Blackhawks, again demonstrated the effectiveness of his technology, and told them his demands. He claimed to have a deal with the Russian government, but when he made his big move he instead went to China. The Blackhawks pursued him there, and parachuted onto the coastal Chinese mainland, to try to destroy the Silencer. They were unsuccessful and had to observe from hiding as Hydro and his new partners set up their bomb test.

From China, Blackhawk flew back to the U.S. H-Bomb test base, and picked up another H-Bomb! Then he dropped it, near the Chinese bomb-test-site island, in the deep salt water where the rays of Hydro's machine couldn't hit it. Hydro's gadget worked just fine, it nullified the Chinese test bomb, but when Blackhawk's back-up H-Bomb exploded, the Reds thought Hydro's machine was a failure! So they smashed their only copy of his device, and dragged him away to be shot.


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