Dr. Impossible was thought by some to by the brother of Scott Free, also known as Mr. Miracle, from Apokolips. Other sources said that he was merely a former henchman of the Penguin who had gotten ahold of a stolen Mother Box.

He disappeared mysteriously following the disappearances of several other supervillains, including Plastique, Electrocutioner, and Trident. However, he turned up shortly thereafter, decapitating Gold and Platinum of the Metal Men, and stealing Red Tornado's android body from Will Magnus's laboratory.


Mother Box, which he calls a "Father Box". It is capable of creating a "Hush Tube", a silent equivalent to the Boom Tube.

  • Justice League of America (vol.#2) -"The Tornado's Path"


  • Apokolips/Darkseid (rumored)
  • Jack Kirby's "NewGods"



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