Quote1.png Unclean, they call me. Perverse and sick, I hear them whispering. That's why Doctor Leviticus prefers graveyards. So much quieter, yes, yes. Quote2.png
Doctor Leviticus src

Doctor Leviticus was a ghoulish but brilliant physician and inventor.

Among her medical accomplishments was the discovery of a means to revive dead bodies through the use of Electrum, a process that was utilized by Gotham's Court of Owls in the resurrection of their Talons. Leviticus was further commissioned to create a method of recording and deciphering encrypted information so as to protect the secrets of the Court, leading to the invention of the Book of Wisdom and coded Electrum coins.[1]

A century later, Doctor Leviticus had become a liability to the Court's international offshoot—the Parliament of Owls. Leviticus was hunted down in Romania and captured by Raptor, one of the Parliament's elite agents.[2] Instead of executing Leviticus, however, Raptor and his partner Nightwing offered the doctor protection from the Parliament in exchange for information on the Book of Wisdom. Doctor Leviticus agreed, and for her cooperation she was given her own room in the God Garden, far from the reach of the Parliament of Owls.[1]


  • Immortality: By her own account, Doctor Leviticus had discovered a cure to aging.[1] Though her true age is unknown, she had been active for at least a century before Raptor sought her out in Romania.[3]


  • Medical Science: Doctor Leviticus had several achievements in the field of medicine, most notably the reanimation of dead bodies.[1]
  • Invention: Doctor Leviticus was a skilled inventor responsible for the creation of the Book of Wisdom and Electrum coins as a medium for data storage.[1]



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